Zenetec Utilizes Symach Equipment in Barrie, Ontario Facility to Achieve “Perfect Performance”

A few years after announcing their plan to open a collision repair business in Barrie, Ontario, Martin Monteith and his son, William, opened their second Zenetec location in January 2018 utilizing Symach equipment.

The 28,000-square-foot location includes a combination of collision repair, glass replacement and a fully-automated car wash and detail center. The independently-owned facility also includes Symach’s FixLine conveyor system, which has six robots and is based on Drytronic electromagnetic wave technology. “This guarantees a perfect performance for all phases of the repair process such as body filler, primer and paint,” said Osvaldo Bergaglio, CEO of Symach. “The automation also drastically reduces cycle time.” The shop includes the FlyDry and Easydry robot and KombiTron drying cabin that works in conjunction with the SprayTron booth. “We believe our employees and customers deserve the very best,” said William, vice president of the company. “As we prepared to open our new facility, we felt Symach’s equipment would help us offer the finest in service, speed and accuracy.”

For further information and pictures, please contact: raffaella.censi@symach.com