The BaseTron is a preparation zone floor base with computer-automated extraction in the basement floor.

The BaseTron automatically recognizes the painting phases and changes the program using maximum speed of ventilation for the spraying phase. It closes the ventilation when spraying is finished. The advantage of this automated program is that energy is only used for the spraying phase, without costing any more than what is necessary.

The floor is designed with four different chambers. This design is unique to Symach and it guarantees a perfect, consistent and balanced airflow when the floor filters are in need of replacement due to excess overspray build-up.

The BaseTron is available in two configurations in length: 8 meters (26.24 feet) or 9 meters (29.52 feet).

In the back of the BaseTron, there is a ventilation fan and an automatic compressed air connection for linkage to the computer so it is known when spraying occurs.

In FixLine installations, Symach installs BaseTron for the primer application.

The BaseTron is available in 2 different lengths:
– 8 m or 26.24 ft, and
– 9 m or 29.52 ft.

The BaseTron has an outlet ventilation with a fan of 20.000 m3 per hour or 11,800 CFM, and the inlet air comes from the inside of the warehouse.

The BaseTron’s computer system automatically manages two different programs, the spraying and the stop. Without using an operator, the unit selects and pushes buttons and also increases the speed of ventilation automatically when the filters are dirty.

The basement is 50 cm or 20 ” deep and the standard grids support a weight of 850 kg or 1,870 lb per point of 10 ” x 10 ”.