FixLine Original Symach lean repair process

FixLine, the original Symach Lean Repair Process, revolutionizes the car repair industry by enhancing productivity, quality, and speed of repair

FixLine incorporates various stages, such as primer application, sanding, masking, painting, drying, unmasking, and polishing, all streamlined in a continuous line, facilitated by the CarMover side-loading system, which moves cars seamlessly through each phase of the repair process. Equipped with the DryKing spraybooth, the FixLine system enables the production of up to 8 jobs daily, referred to as DryKing FixLine. When equipped with both the spray booth and drying cabin, allowing for up to 16 tasks per day, it is named the Dryking-Kombiking FixLine.

By implementing FixLine, the actual time that a car spends inside the body shop can be impressively reduced, up to 40% (equivalent to up to 2 days), resulting in significant cost savings of approximately 3 to 4 hours in labor per repair on average. Moreover, Symach curing systems contribute to a substantial reduction in energy consumption, up to 90%, making it an environmentally friendly choice, positively impacting the body shop’s carbon footprint.

To accomplish the drying stages, FixLine relies on advanced technologies like Drytronic and/or UV technology, enhancing efficiency. Additionally, FixLine employs the unique SPAP lean paint and preparing process, further streamlining operations.

The flexibility of FixLine makes it an ideal solution for body shops handling anywhere from 5 to an unlimited number of jobs daily. Its modular design allows customization of the number of bays and equipment to match the specific targets and requirements of each customer.

Each FixLine layout is custom-designed to cater to the specific needs of the customer, considering factors such as available warehouse space, the mix of light, medium, or heavy damage typically encountered, and the desired number of repairs per week. The modular nature of the FixLine system offers exceptional flexibility to meet production needs, accommodating both small repair shops handling 5 jobs a day and large car dealer companies requiring rapid reconditioning or cosmetic repairs on a high volume of new and pre-owned cars each week, ensuring quick turnaround for their dealership network.

Symach provides comprehensive information and support to customers throughout the project, including assistance in creating the business plan, along with the equipment list and layout. Collaboration with the customer, their architect, and general contractor during layout design and development ensures that the final project aligns with the customer’s objectives.

All equipment, ranging from spray booths and drying booths to the paint mixing room, lights, and accessories, is meticulously designed and manufactured at Symach’s factory in Bologna, Italy.