Symach Equipment installed at BH Performance

Abu Dhabi – UAE

BH Performance is a professional aftermarket automotive company specialized in developing high-quality, unique packages and tailor-made aestetic detailing for GM and Chevrolet cars.

To offer the best quality service, BH Performance chose Symach’s equipment, installing a FixLine. Its layout includes:

  • the PWE preparation bay, a preparation bay with vertical dust and overspray extraction unit
  • the FlyDry-Hybrid drying robot, to speed up the filler and prime drying phases for both conventional and UV paints
  • a MultiBox, a dispenser for compressed air and electricity, with plugs and automatic reels
  • The DryKing and DK-KombiKing spray and drying boooths. They use the highest quality of construction materials, components, electronics, ventilation, burner, lighting and operating system to provide a fast, consistent and reliable spray and drying results.
  • the CarWash that allows to wash vehicles inside the body shop in a professional way, without harming the painting process, as it doesn’t release humidity or water in the facility.

Furthermore, this FixLine is EV-Ready: both the drying robot and the booths are built with a technology that doesn’t raise the temperatures, so they are optimal to preserve batteries and electronic systems of modern cars.