Symach is installing a new FixLine system in Arizona, US

Thank to the new equipment, Kaizen collision, based in Queen Creek, AZ, can repair up to 7 cars per day.

The new FixLine system includes the DryKing spray booth, with side pneumatic doors, equipped with the PowerLED lighting system, for a perfect visibility during spraying phases. It also includes the BaseTron preparation bay, that is equipped with electric curtains and the FlyDry robot working with infrared technology, to become a spray bay for primer, and a large fully equipped Paint Mixing Room.

The FixLine also includes several Columns to contain the MultiBoxes with retractable pipes for air and electricity, and the Vacuum Sanding Systems. The PowerLED lighting systems covers all working bays along the FixLine, that is completed by a CarWash cabin to wash the cars, and the CarMover system.