Elevating Artistry: Symach DryKing Paint Booth Transforms Luxury Leathers Handbags and Accessories Production

In the world of fashion and luxury, every detail counts. From the choice of materials to the craftsmanship, each element contributes to the creation of exquisite handbags and accessories that exude elegance and sophistication. Behind the scenes, an essential transformation process takes place, one that turns raw materials into the epitome of luxury: the painting of American alligator, African crocodile, caiman, ostrich and python.

In this article, we unveil the seamless integration of Symach’s DryKing paint booth in a prestigious company that specializes in crafting high-end leathers handbags, La Patrie (Ponte a Egola – PI)

The Art of Luxury Leathers Transformation

The company, renowned for its dedication to quality and craftsmanship, is no stranger to the meticulous process of working with luxury leathers. With the use of Symach’s DryKing paint booth, this company has taken its artistry to the next level.

La Patrie is a luxury leather tannery specializing in the production of high-end bags, straps, and accessories for the luxury industry, based in Ponte a Egola, Pisa, Italy. The Company processes precious leathers from foreign countries, destined for luxury manufacturing companies both in Italy and in Europe, for the production of high end fashion bags and accessories.  Since 2015, La Patrie embarked on an innovative restructuring journey to create a modern and technologically advanced industrial complex. Today, the facility encompasses 5,000 square meters, including production departments, an administrative building, and a recently implemented bioconstruction analysis laboratory. The use of specific materials fosters an environment that upholds high production and safety standards while optimizing efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. The installation of a large photovoltaic system ensures the production of a significant portion of the company’s energy requirements and supports the charging of electric vehicles available for staff use.

La Patrie is certified ISO 14001 and since 2020 is Golden Medal of the Leather Working Group International Certification.

DryKing Paint Booth: Efficiency Meets Precision

Symach’s DryKing is a state-of-the-art paint booth, designed for precision and efficiency. In an industry where details matter, the DryKing paint booth excels.

The innovative ventilation system of the DryKing offers superior airflow during painting and baking phases, thus ensuring optimal air quality for the painter and improved paint application results. With this state-of-the-art ventilation systems, encompassing two backward-curved blade fans, one for the intake and one for the extraction of air, controlled by an inverter, with a total static pressure of Mc 34.000 (CFM 21,011) you can have complete confidence in the exceptional air quality within the booth, safeguarding your freshly painted surfaces from dust and debris. Perfect filtration is assured by the unique design of the basement of the spray booth, encompassing 4 chambers to host the filters, and the special “comfort walk” design of the grid flooring. On both sides of the grid floor, the comfort walk non-slip plates have perforations along the entire edge close to the wall, allowing for a more comfortable walking of the painter and a quicker elimination of the overspray, thus avoiding swirls along the wall, keeping the wall clean for longer time, improving the quality of the painting and eliminating impurities at the same time. The PLC (Programmable Logic Control) with which the booth is equipped allows, through the 15.6-inch Full HD touch screen, the modification of a wide range of parameters, including treatment duration, temperature, and humidity adjustments. It also enables the storage of specific drying profiles for different types of paint used. The software automatically manages ventilation programs, initiating, calibrating, and interrupting airflow based on the work phase recognized by sensors. This results in significant energy savings.

Equipped with a direct flame burner, the DryKing paint spray booth quickly and efficiently achieves the desired low curing temperature for preserving the integrity of precious leathers, contributing to increased productivity while maintaining leather quality under control. What makes it particularly suitable is its ability to quickly reach and maintain a consistently low cabin temperature, preventing the leather from drying out and sustaining any damage, and ensuring that the quality and integrity of the precious materials were preserved.

To achieve the distinctive colors envisioned by renowned luxury brands for their premium bags and accessories, the painter must possess artistic skills and work within an environment with the finest lighting system available. This is one of the reasons why La Patrie opted for the DryKing paint booth. The DryKing features Symach’s unique parabolic reflector designed for the PowerLED lighting system, which elevates visibility and guarantees ideal lighting conditions for artists crafting these exquisite leathers. The LED installed in the DryKing spray booth offer 5555Kelvin color temperature and 0.94 CRI color fidelity, the closest to the sun light. Furthermore, the alternate blue LEDs allow to achieve the correct color performance whilst preserving the painter eyes from damages due to the long exposure to light.

DryKing’s advanced technology ensures that every stroke of paint adheres flawlessly to the luxury leathers, resulting in a smooth and even finish that is essential for high-end luxury products.

Sustainability at the Heart

Luxury and sustainability are no longer mutually exclusive, and this is where Symach’s DryKing aligns perfectly with the values of La Patrie. This innovative paint booth is designed with an environmentally friendly approach. It minimizes waste and emissions, and gas consumption is reduced to the lowest rate, ensuring that the beauty of nature is not compromised in the pursuit of artistry.

The integration of Symach’s DryKing paint booth into the production process of luxury leathers’ handbags represents a significant step forward in the world of fashion and luxury. It showcases the harmonious blend of technology, artistry, and sustainability.