Symach UV technology is born

We are excited to announce that Symach has developed a new UV-LEDtronic technology for drying and curing UV coating products. It is a new and unique technology compared to those known on the market today, because it is more powerful with low energy consumption, only 90 W, and more than double drying speed compared to the most known systems.

Our LED story began three years ago when Symach developed the first LED light technology PowerLED, but the exclusive development on UV technology began in 2017. Symach’s R&D division, especially the Ingenier Fabio Francesconi, researched with a team of two lighting experts how to create a UV technology with low environmental impact, fast and efficient in drying of UV coatings.

Today we are proud to announce that we have currently made the best product on the market. Our UV-LEDtronic is currently available in a portable lamp version (Art. No. or name) that covers an area of ​​50 cm, or in the Flydry robotic version, available in a FlyDry Hybrid model with IR-Drytronic + UV-LEDtronic technology or in a UV-LEDtronic-only version, FlyDry LEDtronic.