Elevating Automotive Painting: A Multifaceted Exploration

In the dynamic realm of automotive refinishing, the pursuit of excellence in energy efficiency, technological prowess, impeccable finishes, heightened productivity, and tailored solutions has reached unprecedented levels. As the landscape evolves with the influx of larger vehicles and electric cars entering body shops regularly, adaptation to these industry transformations is paramount. Body shops now necessitate capacious and more efficient spray booths, as well as drying systems compatible with electric vehicles, all aimed at enhancing productivity, curbing gas consumption, and reducing overall operational expenses.

Symach’s DryKing spray booth is a resounding testament to this evolution, notably addressing the spatial demands of contemporary vehicles. With its expanded interior dimensions, measuring 32′.8” in length, 14’ 7” in width, and 11’ 5” in height – an impressive 2’ 5” taller than standard booths, it proficiently accommodates the surging presence of commercial vehicles, including SUVs, crossovers, vans, and pickup trucks.

The challenge of electric vehicles repair

The burgeoning presence of electric vehicles in the market has ushered in a new era in automotive refinishing. It is widely acknowledged that electric vehicles are sensitive to elevated temperatures during repair and refinishing, which can potentially compromise the integrity of their high-voltage batteries.
In this context, the employment of DryTronic Infrared technology emerges as the gentle and ideal approach to refinishing electric cars, preserving the integrity of sensitive electronic systems while minimizing battery and EV component risks. This innovative method requires no alterations to paint products or extended curing times, ensuring a seamless and efficient repair process.

Energy Efficiency and Environmental Responsibility in Paint Booths

The pursuit of energy efficiency and environmental responsibility within paint booths is now at the forefront of modern design and operational functionality. The judicious use of energy not only reduces operational expenses but also substantially curtails the environmental impact of the entire process. In response to this imperative, spray booth manufacturers are introducing revolutionary solutions.
Symach’s drying booth, the KombiKing, harnesses IR DryTronic Technology, which delivers swift, uniform, and dependable drying results. By generating electromagnetic waves through a chemical reaction, this technology facilitates instantaneous paint drying, rendering an impeccable finish for both water-based and solvent-based products. Consequently, this enables immediate sanding and smoothing upon the completion of the treatment cycle. The application of Symach’s IR Technology dramatically reduces drying and flash-off times, empowering body shops to expedite repair processes without compromising the quality of results. The booth’s stainless steel internal walls further enhance time and energy efficiency, reducing gas consumption by a remarkable 93% and diminishing drying time by 74% compared to conventional drying booths.
For instance, gas consumption per car repaired plunges from 45m3 in a traditional booth to a mere 3.21m3 in the KombiKing. Additionally, the DK-KombiKing achieves paint drying in a mere 12 minutes and primer drying in 10 minutes, as opposed to the 45 minutes typically required by conventional alternatives.
Furthermore, significant strides have been made in insulation materials, which directly contribute to energy conservation. Enhanced insulation ensures that the energy required to maintain a consistent temperature within the booth is effectively retained, reducing the need for frequent heating or cooling. Consequently, spray booths can operate with minimal energy input, aligning with sustainability objectives. Symach’s spray booth walls, for instance, feature double-layer metal panels with 50 mm (0.16 ft) of insulating material, ensuring impeccable insulation for the booth.

Digital Integration in the Automotive Industry: The Emergence of Smart Booths

The integration of digital technology has brought forth a new era in the automotive industry, giving rise to the concept of smart booths.
Symach’s DryKing spray booth is equipped with advanced electronics, including a PLC and a 15.6 “Full HD touch screen with projected capacitive touch capabilities. This allows the operator to adjust various parameters directly from the touch screen, including treatment duration, temperature, internal ventilation pressure, and management of painting and drying data for each work cycle. It’s noteworthy that the software automatically manages external temperature and humidity for each drying treatment, ensuring optimal conditions without requiring operator intervention.
Moreover, the system manages technical and maintenance issues, supported by a custom online platform engineered by Symach, named REMO. Data pertaining to work cycles and statistical information are securely stored in the cloud and accessible through the REMO platform. The REMO platform further aids in scheduling maintenance, uploading job information into the booth’s database, and recording treatment data such as operator details, spraying duration, temperature, and drying duration.
In the world of automotive refinishing, Symach’s DryKing and Kombiking booths represent not merely a tool but a strategic investment in future-proofing your body shop.

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