REMO is Symach training and maintenance platform, developed in-house for its customers

It is a cloud-based technical platform, meant to support the daily work of collision repair technicians; to get familiar with Symach technology, for the periodic maintenance and to train new comers. Site managers and shop owners do appreciate REMO, as it provides with a mid to long-term vision on maintenance tasks. It is also an added value for online training for current and new employees getting familiar with Symach repair process. Moreover, it provides direct contact with Symach engineers’ team, in case of troubleshooting; usually resolved by mean of chat or phone.
The content is a rich library of written instructions and video tutorials about usage and maintenance of Symach equipment.
Spare parts are also available directly through REMO to be ordered online and quickly delivered to customers. REMO is a free cloud-based platform for all customers and requires a monthly subscription only for those who require chat/phone assistance. The onsite service is also managed through REMO to get access to specialized local Symach  technicians in case of troubleshooting.

Let’s take a real example:

How to spray primer, dry waterborne and clearcoat with Symach FlyDry robot?

  • A mix of video tutorials and step by step process with content and images are available.
    • Contains cooling temperatures, tip and tricks.
    • UV Primer advantages and its application process.
    • Keyboard, buttons and controls explanations available for all equipment.
  • In the case of a spray booth, it includes the list of components and operative instructions, such as how does the extraction system work or how to change the filters.

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February 2021