Installation completed at Peter Wilkinsons

Great job was done at Peter Wilkinson & Co Smash Repairs for the installation of the brand new Symach FixLine system!

Thanks to this Fixline the bodyshop will be able to do to up to 16 job cycles a day.

The equipment of this in-line repair process includes a preparation bay equipped with the Paint Window Extraction, a vertical air extraction system, and a FlyDry Hybrid drying robot. Thanks to the perfect enclosure of its electric curtains, this preparation bay can therefore work also as a paint and drying area for classic and UV primer application.

Along the line, some Columns host a few Multibox for air and electricity with retractable pipes, and a Vacuum Sanding System for 2 operators, and there is a large and well equipped Paint Mixing Room.

At the heart of the FixLine there is the Dryking spray booth and the innovative DK-Kombiking (patented) drying booth, completely covered internally in stainless steel. This innovative drying booth works with Symach IR technology that dries the paint by means of electromagnetic waves generated by a chemical reaction; that allows to keep a low temperature in the booth, so it’s ideal to preserve the batteries of electric vehicles, and the sensitive electronics systems of modern cars.

Running all along the FixLine the PowerLed lighting systems covers all working bays, and the CarMover systems allows to move effortlessly the cars to the different phases of the repair.