Wayne Beardmore in Symach

Symach enjoyed a productive week collaborating with Wayne Beardmore from Damage Undone , who visited us for an engaging exchange.

Wayne, a prominent figure in his field, showcased his dynamic character and creativity throughout his visit. This led to a newfound partnership between our organizations.

During his time with us, Wayne extensively tested Symach products and joined CEO Osvaldo in discussing future product and service developments tailored to the evolving needs of the collision repair industry, where Symach maintains a leading position.

Adding to the excitement, Wayne and Marcello, former Symach’s Technical and International Trainer, enjoyed a friendly competition at the Symach Future Center, refining two panels. Their camaraderie is showcased in videos where they share and compare painting techniques used by body shop technicians, discussing improvements for a healthier, safer, and more profitable work environment.

We eagerly anticipate future collaborations during Wayne’s next visit.

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