Symach is installing a new FixLine system in Norway

Symach’s installation team is currently working in Norway to install a brand new FixLine system in Harstad: the collision repair shop’s name is Biltrend Harstad.  The owner, Biltrend Co., already installed a FixLine system in home town Tromso, Norway, some years ago, the shop’s name is Bilskadesenteret Tromso.

In this new collision repair shop, they decided to install Symach Dryking-Kombiking system: the Dryking classic spray booth, and the Kombiking drying cabin combined, to produce up to 16 jobs a day.

Kombiking drying booth is equipped with the Drytronic Infrared system, the Symach patented technology that dries any type of paint by means of infrared waves generated by a catalytic reaction. The catalytic  panels are integrated in the booth, that delivers consistent drying results on all painted surfaces reflecting the infrared waves on all the interior walls, covered in polished stainless steel.

Kombiking booth is an excellent time and energy saver, cutting gas consumption by 93% and drying time by 74% compared to a classic booth.

We choose Symach for several reasons.
One reason is because they are the most innovative company involved in bodywork and paint systems.
Environmentally, the system has a low impact thank to its little emissions and, not least, it is a very efficient system.

Sten Magne Andreassen