A BodyShop in a Box @ Magic DSP, Belgium

Magic DSP, Sofiane Adjazi’s body shop in Belgium, greatly appreciated FixStation, Symach’s solution that combines a drying booth with a preparation bay. Installed within a week, this innovative system can handle up to 30 repairs per week.

FixStation is a modern and innovative solution designed to ensure high productivity and quick delivery of repairs on one or two panels, guaranteed within half a day.

As a hybrid solution functioning as both a painting booth and a workstation, FixStation streamlines operations into one central point. This setup enables a multi-skilled technician to perform an average of three to four repairs per day without moving the vehicle, with a repair every two to three hours.

FixStation is a fully equipped workstation where a technician can remove and install parts, repair dents, apply body filler, primer, water/solvent-based basecoat, and clear coat, and dry them.

Equipped with a Flydry robot, a paint mixing room, a vacuum sanding system, and a Multibox with retractable sockets and tubes for compressed air and electrical power, FixStation is a comprehensive solution.