Symach Invents Game-Changing Technology to Create the Shops of Tomorrow

Extracts from Autobody News article, by Ed Attanasio, automotive journalist, published 3rd March 2021

Once a body shop owner decides to become a Symach shop, the body shop is converted from a conventional process to the FixLine process. Symach is more than a simple equipment manufacturer; it is a collision repair solution provider with a profound understanding and knowledge of the automotive collision repair process.

Every shop is different, first the business is analysed before devising a custom solution based on the types of cars it repairs.

“We break it down into four categories—classic cars, prestige cars, reconditioning or fleets,”Osvaldo Bergaglio, Symach Founder & CEO said. “We can work for any body shop or collision center in those categories, but they are completely different in some ways. Our approach is to look at the business model, look at their data and the activities in the shop. We’ve developed some software that allows us to do the math and design the shop floor for optimum efficiency.”

In 2010, Symach began featuring a new repair process, FixLine. It reduces the actual throughput time inside the shop by 1.5 to two days, while eliminating three to four hours in labor costs per repair.

Symach’s FixLine process is slashing cycle time like never before.
“We have developed a system where it moves the car through the process without interruption, as opposed to the stop-and-start conventional way of fixing vehicles,” Osvaldo Bergaglio, Symach Founder & CEO said. “In your standard shop, cycle time is four to six days and we do the entire repair in one day.”

Key figures :

  • DryTronic drying technology allows automotive paint to cure in less than a minute
  • Curing systems are well-known for being green and can reduce a shop’s energy consumption by up to 90%
  • Reduce a vehicle’s actual time inside the shop by up to 40%
  • Significantly decrease an average of three to four hours in labor cost per repair

Employees and Osvaldo are passionate and driven to innovate and invent new products that can wow the industry and change the way we fix cars.

Symach has sold more than 2,600 robots and more than 150 complete new automotive body shops with the new Symach FixLine process in Europe, the Middle East, Australia and North America, starting in 2015.