Symach Future Center is running for paint companies

Since its official Opening in March 2017, it has been a busy period full of interesting activities for Symach’s Future Center in Bologna, that was best used, in between of many other activities such as the Open Days, as a Research Center by the paint Companies AKZO NOBEL, BASF and The Sherwin-Williams, which came to test their products on Symach’s equipment. First SYMACH Future Center had its Grand Opening in March with a huge event in cooperation with Akzo Nobel, aimed to introduce Symach’s DryTronic technology to Akzo Nobel’s Canadian customers.

They were all positively impressed and we had a lot of great feedbacks on our technology, which is spreading in the Canadian market. Later, in July, the Future Center hosted the BASF paint engineering team (Davy Roels and Rikke Demeyer from BASF Coatings Belgium and Kees Verdaasdonk from BASF Coatings headquarter in Munster, Germany) to test BASF’s Glasurit and R-M paint lines on Symach DryTronic system, which got the official BASF approval too.

Beginning of August, it was the time for the Sherwin-Williams group of engineers (the Training Center Manager Michael Pellett with Drew Kirkland, Bill Quinones and Bill Papczun from different locations of the Company in the US) to test their Company’s products on Symach DryTronic system. During the review, the DryTronic technology met all the standards required by The Sherwin-Williams to optimize the use of their products on SYMACH equipment.