Kaizen Collision Center

Queen Creek – AZ, USA

Symach recently completed the installation of a Fixline equipment that will allow the new Kaizen Collision Center site in Queen Creek, AZ, to do up to 8 jobs per day

FixLine is Symach in-line car repair process, designed to speed up the repair process thanks to the patented, higly efficient DryTronic IR technology.

This FixLine features a DryKing spray booth that offers fastest possible drying time, high performance airflow to remove the overspray and the best led illumination.

For body filler and primer processing, Symach installed the work bays equipped with ServiceColumns and MultiBox; a BaseTron preparation bay equipped with the FlyDry Hybrid (drying robot equipped with IR and UV technology to speed up the drying time of both conventional and UV products), the MultiBox (dispenser for compressed air and electricity with plugs and automatic reels) for 2 operators and the Vacuum Sanding System (sanding and vacuum unit) plus electronic Curtains to isolate the bay during spray phases.

CarWash , the PowerLED  lighting system and a fully equipped Paint Mixing Room complete the FixLine.