European Coachworks of San Marcos Selects Symach Equipment

San Marcos, California

“As the proud owner of a burgeoning collision repair business focused on prestigious brands like BMW and Mercedes, precision and quality are non-negotiables in my line of work. Established in December 2023, our shop, “European Coachworks of San Marcos” is located at 1139 Grand Ave, San Marcos, California. Currently employing 12 staff, our primary focus is BMW and Mercedes collision repair. The shop holds certifications from BMWCCRC and Mercedes Elite, and it exclusively serves Envision Motors in Escondido (Mercedes dealership) and partners with Escondido BMW.

Having learned about Symach through industry circles, I was immediately drawn to their reputation for unparalleled quality and precision. As the owner of JM Business Solutions, a consulting and equipment company, it was only fitting that I personally invested in Symach’s products for my shop. After all, what better way to showcase the superiority of a product than by implementing it in your own operations?

The remarkable quality and precise metering of the booths convinced me to invest in their products for my own shop.

As someone who always seeks the best, Symach stands out in every aspect. No other company comes close.

Here are some advantages:

  1. Customizable utilization programs for your paint line.
  2. The booth’s balance saves money by minimizing paint wastage on filters.
  3. Premium quality equipment that exudes excellence, unmatched in the US market.
  4. The booth offers ample space to paint multiple vehicles simultaneously (in pieces).

With over 15 years of experience managing luxury collision centers, I sought nothing but the best for my own venture. Symach has proven to be unparalleled. My vision is to expand by opening 1-2 shops annually, catering to the luxury market on the West Coast of the USA.”

Juan Martinez, President of JM Business Solutions and European Coachworks of San Marcos