Symach Equipment @ European Coachworks of San Marcos

San Marcos, California, USA

Layout: DryKing


  1. DryKing paint booth
  2. BaseTron downdraft preparation bay
  3. Paint Mixing Room 

Symach’s DryKing Spray Booth, Paint Mixing Room, and Basetron Prep Booth have transformed our shop’s efficiency and output. The customizable utilization programs tailored to our specific paint line ensure optimal performance, while the booth’s balanced design minimizes paint waste, saving us both time and money. The premium quality of Symach’s equipment is evident in its construction and performance, setting it apart from anything else in the US market.

With over 15 years of experience running luxury collision centers, I have a keen eye for excellence and a drive for continuous improvement. My vision extends beyond just one shop; I aim to expand and open 1-2 additional locations per year, catering to the luxury market along the West Coast of the USA. Symach’s products are not just tools for our trade; they’re integral to realizing this vision of growth and success in the industry“.