Symach Equipment @ Specific Prestige

Adelaide, South Australia

Specific Prestige bodyshop equipped with Symach DryKing, new high performance booth for the painting and drying phases

Product: Dryking


  1. DryKing spray and drying booth including
  2. Second frontal door to use as a “tunnel” – to pass through the cabin from front to back
  3. AirBox with compressed air connectors
  4. Floor with 5 lines of grids for extra weight of 500 kg per wheel
  5. Direct flame burner 1,2 MBTU 350 kW
  6. PowerLED Lighting system

“The install team Repair Centre Solutions from Melbourne lead by Damian Perna, did an outstanding job about unloading and sorting out the build plans, with limited space for us both to operate. They were very accommodating, the professional work ethic and with nothing too hard for them; they have without a doubt done an outstanding job to put together an intense build. The DryKing is fantastic whichever way you look at it: from its polished stainless entrance doors to the led lighting, or its colour combination outer coverings to its performance to achieve booth temperatures, with its ability to maintain temperature and produce clean work quickly.”

Symach’s new high performance booth for painting and drying phases “has well exceeded expectation and I couldn’t be more happy with its attention to detail in its design, it’s a visually stunning product with performance to match. We hold a various number of OEM badges, the DryKing will impress upon those manufacturers and our clients; reinforce we are a professional repair centre with long term plans.