Symach Breaking News 07 | September 2022

Symach customer journey begins with the understanding of customer’s needs and objectives, in line with shop size and market segment. We are happy to share with you the real steps of this journey made by concept, projection, layout, production, installation, training, relationship, magic and stories.


Bin Hammodah Auto, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Symach KombiKing (patented) FixLine system is the perfect solution for Bin Hammodah Auto in Abu Dhabi, a prestige cars dealer that offers aestethic customizations. With Symach FixLine this car dealer will be able to speed up the process with a very fast production pace, keeping the highest quality result with a growing customers demand.


Kaizen collision, Arizona, US

Up to 7 cars per day FixLine system for Kaizen Collision. It includes a DryKing spray booth with the PowerLED lighting system, the BaseTron preparation bay equipped with electric curtains and the FlyDry robot working with infrared technology and a large fully equipped Paint Mixing Room. The FixLine also includes several Columns to contain the MultiBox and the Vacuum Sanding Systems, a CarWash cabin to wash the cars  and the CarMover system to move the cars along the repairing line.


TAMMS, Australia

Thanks to its new FixLine system TAMMS will be able to repair up to 10 cars per day. This tailor made FixLine includes a DryKing spray booth with pneumatic doors for side loading of the cars, the PowerLED lighting system for perfect visibility during spraying phases and a preparation bay equipped with the Paint Window Extraction, a vertical system for air extraction, and the FlyDry Hybrid drying robot, a large, fully equipped Paint Mixing Room and the CarMover system, to move the cars along the production line.


Peter Wilkinson, Australia

With Symach KombiKing (patented) Fixline system Peter Wilkinson & Co. will be able to do up to 16 job cycles a day. This most powerful Kombiking (patented) FixLine system includes: a DryKing spray booth with PowerLed lighting system, and the innovative KombiKing (patented) drying booth, a preparation bay equipped with the Paint Window Extraction and a FlyDry Hybrid drying robot. The line also includea large and well equipped Paint Mixing Room and the CarMover system, some Columns to host a few MultiBox for air and electricity retractable pipes, and a Vacuum Sanding System for 2 operators.