Crown Autobody & Glass / Portage Avenue

Canada, Winnipeg

Symach is proud to announce the installation of Crown Autobody & Glass, a brand new body shop located at 3680 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Canada; part of Crown Mazda.

Since 1988, Crown Autobody & Glass is specialized in collision repair and glass repair and is opening their third location in February 2021.

Ashok Dilawri, CEO of the Dilawri’s Crown Auto Group, visited many collision repair shops over the years and was introduced to the in-line process in Cleveland, OH in 1995. From there, they started their first bodyshop, in conventional process with their Honda store and have continued since the new Mazda location.

“We found that the FixLine is the most lean and efficient paint system. Our anticipation is repairing 50 cars a week from our new location opening soon said Ashok Dilawri.

For Crown Autobody & Glass, the main advantages to utilizing Symach equipment include a greater focus on quality and restoring a vehicle to its original state as well greatly reducing the timeline to get a vehicle back on the road.

Crown Autobody & Glass is focusing on efficiency and speed, while utilizing the latest technology in collision repair, providing the highest quality in repair standards.

In 3 words (or four), Ashok Dilawri, consider Symach to be State of the Art Technology. It is a game-changer for the local collision repair industry.

Symach is proud of this collaboration and wish Crown Autobody & Glass lot of success.

“When Crown Autobody & Glass wanted to expand and modernise their collision repair service at 2 locations, Symach worked closely with Crown’s team to design optimized layouts with the right equipment to match their goals and objectives. Each location being a different size required a clear understanding of the types of repairs to be performed and the productivity targets. The result is 2 modern locations designed for efficiency and productivity using state of the art processes and equipment to serve their customers in Winnipeg well into the future.” said Les Pawlowski, General Manager @Symach Canada

Crown Autobody & Glass already had efficient and modern repair processes in place using conventional bodyshop equipment. The challenge was to optimize the efficiency per square foot and technician labour in the expansion projects. The solution combined Symach’s innovative design, equipment and SPAP application process with Crown’s industry leading management and skilled technicians. The result is a modern, efficient and clean work environment for increased profitability in a safe and healthy workplace. said Osvaldo Bergaglio, Founder and CEO of Symach.

February, 2021