A new FixLine system for TAMMS, Australia

Symach is currently installing a new FixLine system for TAMMS, at the Sunshine North location in the State of Victoria, Australia. With that FixLine, the collision repair facility will be able to repair up to 10 cars per day.

The FixLine will include a DryKing spray booth with pneumatic doors for side loading of the cars, the PowerLED lighting system for perfect visibility during spraying phases and the PLC touch screen for completely automated management of the booth.

The preparation bay is equipped with the Paint Window Extraction, a vertical system for air extraction, that will avoid the need for pits in the prep area, and the FlyDry Hybrid drying robot. The FlyDry Hybrid works with both IR and UV technologies, so the prep bay will work as a spray and drying area for primer application. The FixLine includes a large, fully equipped Paint Mixing Room and the CarMover system, to move the cars along the production line.