Symach Equipment @ Bilskadesenteret

Tromsø, Norway

Layout: Fixline SprayTron


  1. SprayTron spray booth with IR drying robot RoboDry
  2. PrepTron preparation bay with vertical extraction
  3. PaintMixingRoom
  4. DryBox small drying box for parts on stands, equipped with DryTronic technology
  5. CarWash
  6. AluBay bay for Aluminum processing
  7. FlyDry IR drying robots
  8. CarMover side-loading system
  9. CarLift

From March my new shop uses the FixLine process, it took me 4 months to set up everything properly but from August my staff is producing 105% more compared my previous shop, definitely choice smart ..”

“The establishment of this new body shop, which will operate in extreme climatic conditions, has also challenged us to develop additional products such as ‘Humipaint’ and ‘Heating-exchanger,’ integrating them into our Spraytron. This endeavor has provided us with valuable experience and knowledge, equipping us for the construction of further body shops in extreme environments.”