The Paint Mixing Room to be customized to accommodate any length or width needed.

Symach Paint Mixing Room is assembled using a modular panel system, called ModulBlock. It is customizable to accommodate any length or width needed.

It includes

  • 2 glass doors and 2 or 3 glass windows
  • 2 gun washing machines
  • 2 mixing color machines
  • 1 big table for preparing color and paint
  • 2 extraction systems that work at the same time: the first extraction is a hood above the gun washing machine and the second extraction is a stainless steel box, with a grid installed in front of the table where the technician prepares the paint
  • Equipped with up to nine PowerLED lights that guarantee perfect lighting
  • Electric plant that automatically manages air extractions, lights and electric power plugs

The standard configuration is 6/7 meters (or 20/23 feet) long and 2 meters (or 6.6 feet) wide. The Paint Mixing Room includes two glass doors and two or three glass windows, and has grids on the floor with a metal box pit of 5 cm or 2 inches in depth to collect any paint spillage.

12/14 square meters (130/140 square feet) which allows enough space for two technicians to work inside at the same time.

A ModulBlock panel is: 1 meter (or 40 inches) in width and 3 meters (or 120 inches) in height. The panel is available in three versions: closed on both sides, a glass window and a glass door.

The PMR is available in any size needed because it is a modular system composed from several panels of ModulBlock. The ideal size is 6/7 m or 20/23 ft long and 2 m or 6.6 ft wide. The ModulBlock panel is 1 m or 40 “ wide and 3 m or 120 “ high. It is available in three different versions:
– The first version is closed on both sides, with metal foil inside that is colored white with powder coating and with powder coating and the external side is in CoverTop, a plastic panel in ABS.
– The second version is a tempered glass window that is open.
– The third version has a glass door with an emergency handle and an automatic closing.

The ModulBlock panel is a tubular-welded frame on one side and a painted metal powder-coated sheet on the other. In the middle, there is 5 cm or 2 ” of insulation and on the external side there is the CoverTop, an ABS plastic panel available in eight different colors.

The ModulBlock panel has a glass window and door is a tubular-welded frame with glass inside.

The PMR floor is in pedestrian grids with a metal box pit underneath to collect the paint spillage.

The PMR ceiling is a tubular-welded frame to support the filter for the inlet air and the PowerLux lights.

The outer covering of the PMR consists of CoverTop panels, made in ABS injection plastic mold, which can be opened and closed.

The PMR has two air extraction units: one is a stainless-steel hood installed above the gun washing machine and the other one is a stainless-steel box with grids installed all along the base of the paint table. The two extractions merge into one duct for the final extraction.

The PMR has two stainless steel tables:
– one is for preparing color and paint with a size of 200 x 75 cm, or 80 x 30 “, and
– the other one is for the mixing scale with a size of 100 x 75 cm, or 40 x 30 “.

The PMR has an electric plant that automatically manages two extraction fans, the lights and the electric power plugs. As part of this procedure, electric power can only be supplied when the room has been cleaned from the possible presence of solvents gas.

The PMR uses PowerLux lighting that offers superior light performance in intensity, reaching an average of 1.300 – 1.500 Lux and also a color quality of 5.200 Kl°.