PowerLED is Symach’s new LED Light System specifically designed for bodyshops.

The main characteristics are:

  • Colour fidelity 0.94 CRI
  • Colour Temperature 5555 Kelvin
  • Uniform Illumination and Intensity (Lux)

These three characteristics offer the technician ideal visibility to view the real/actual car colour and also during working of body filler, application and sanding of primer and while polishing. It highlights visibility during painting and the imperfections of sanded surfaces and for polishing, facilitating the work of the repair technicians and painter. It also relaxes the human eye for prolonged exposure during the work shift.

  • Special reflector with several small mirror steps: the reflector projects a light line that helps the prep technician and painter in a position to have a visual reference during processing.
  • Aluminium shell case: strong and lightweight frame that permits easy installation with limited anchoring points
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long life