PrepTron is a preparation zone with the extraction from the basement floor and inlet air from the plenum


The PrepTron is self-managed from the computer. It automatically recognizes the painting phases and changes the program, using maximum speed of ventilation for spraying phases; average speed for drying when used with the Flydry robot; and minimum air speed for climatization during the masking and cleaning phases.

No buttons or switches to press!

The advantage with this self-working program is that the energy is only used for the spraying phase, without costing more than what is necessary.

In the back of the PrepTron, there are two fans for the inlet and outlet air ventilation. There is also an automatic air compressed connection for spraying paint, which is linked to the computer.

The four-level floor is unique to Symach and guarantees a perfect, homogenous and balanced airflow even when the floor’s filters are dirty.

The PrepTron is available in two configurations based on length and height variables: length of 8 meters (26.24 feet) or 9 meters (29.52 feet), and height of 2,7 meters (8.85 feet) or 3,2 meters (10.49 feet). Can be equipped with three curtains that close automatically during the spraying phase. Also can be equipped with the Solarys heating system using Drytronic technology.

This heating system is unique and patented by Symach.

The PrepTron is available in:
– two different lengths: 8 m or 26.24 ft and 9 m or 29.52 ft, and
– two different heights: 2,7 m or 8.85 ft or 3,2 m or 10.49 ft.

The computer automatically manages three different programs: spraying paint, drying with the Flydry robot and climatization. The last one works only when the Solarys heating system is installed. The computer does not require an operator and can select and push buttons as well as automatically balance the speed of ventilation when the filters are dirty.

The basement is 50 cm or 20 ” deep and the standard grids support a weight of 850 kg or 1,870 lb per point of 10 ” x 10 ”.

The plenum is a welded tubular frame that supports the air ventilation channel and the filters. It is divided into boxes that are easy to open to change the filters.

The PrepTron has an outlet and inlet ventilation with two fans of 20.000 m3 per hour or 11,800 CFM.