Symach Equipment @ LINDSAY AUTO BODY-DCR Systems

Columbus, OH, USA
Layout: Fixline SprayTron-KombiTron


  1. SprayTron spray booth with EasyDry IR drying robot
  2. KombiTron drying booth with EasyDry IR drying robot
  3. FlyDry IR drying robot
  4. PaintMixingRoom
  5. CarWash
  6. AluBay
  7. VacuumSandingSystem
  8. CarMover side-load system
  9. CarLift
  10. LiftPull
  11. MultiBox
  12. PowerLUX lighting system

“It’s truly unlike what anyone has ever seen. It’s really a super shop of the future taking in the full thought processes of both Symach and DCR Systems and changes the way collision repair work has typically been done.”