The AluBay is a highly-advanced aluminum workstation.

In addition to ensuring perfect aluminum processing with no risk of contamination, it also guarantees a safe and healthy work environment for the operator. This is due to the fact that the ventilation is running throughout the entire work cycle, immediately extracting the gases generated by the aluminum cutting and welding operations. This occurs before it can mix with the environment.

The AluBay’s fan unit, which is installed in the front outside the workstation, has one opening connected directly to the inside of the workstation with special filters for aluminum gas. The inlet air comes inside the workstation from the open ceiling and sides curtains.

The AluBay is available in three different lengths:
7 meters or 22.96 feet, 8 meters or 26.25 feet, and 9 meters or 29.53 feet.

The ModulLight frame with the PowerLux system guarantees an impressive light on the vehicle.

The front side is a metal-framed wall and is covered with CoverTop panels available in eight different colors. The other three sides are closed with electric curtains colored in white and transparent. The AluBay has a MultiBox in the middle on the front wall with a fixture for air, electric and plugs.

The AluBay is available in:
– three different lengths: 7 m or 22.96 ft, 8 m or 26.25 ft  and 9 m or 29.53 ft, and
– two different widths: 4 m or 13.12 ft and 5 m or 16.4 ft;
– the height is 3 m or 9.84 ft.

The AluBay has a ventilation outlet with a fan of 10.000 m3 per hour or 5,885 CFM. The inlet air is from the ceiling taking air from inside the warehouse.

The AluBay has a circular ceiling board frame in a ModulLight structure that includes PowerLux lights and suspends the electric curtains.
> Please refer to the specific catalog for ModulLight.

The AluBay has a front wall made of ABS panels (CoverTop) available in eight different colors. The other three sides are closed with three electric curtains.

The AluBay, depending on the workstation length, can have seven or nine PowerLux lights. The innovative lamp was developed by Symach’s research department and offers superior lighting performance.