CarWash is a glass booth available in several different configurations to wash vehicles

CarWash is a glass booth available in several different configurations to wash vehicles

  • Glass walls
  • Ceiling with PowerLed lights for perfect visibility during the final polishing and detailing phase

The CarWash allows technicians to wash vehicles inside the body shop without harming the painting process and there is no humidity or water on the shop’s floor. This allows vehicles to be washed inside the facility in a professional way.

The CarWash can be equipped with:

  • grid on the floor
  • pump with six programs for washing the vehicle
  • pneumatic doors on sides, front and back
  • CarMover rails for moving vehicles to the detailing stalls
  • one or more detailing stalls per side
  • a centralized vacuum system for detailing

The CarWash is available in:
– two different lengths: 7 m or 22.96 ft and 8 m or 26.26 ft,
– the height is 3 m or 9.84 ft,
– with or without the grid floor for collecting water,
– with or without side doors, in order to move the vehicle from the CarWash to the detailing stalls,
– with a front and back door, in order to realize the tunnel,
– with a six-program pump for washing the car,
– with a professional centralized vacuum, and
– with rails for moving vehicles using the CarMover.

The CarWash has a side frame of welded tubular construction and a tempered glass cover.

The CarWash doors can be both electric curtains or pneumatic polycarbonate. The Car Wash can be configured with doors in front and back of 3 x 2,7 m or 9.84 x 8.85 ft and one or two side doors of 6 x 2,2 m or 19.68 x 7.21 ft.

The plenum frame is tubular-welded to support the ceiling panels and the PowerLight lights.

The standard floor is made of concrete with a pit for the water in the center of it. The gridded floor is optional.