Quality Spray Booth for High Performance BodyShop

Booth sizes

  • 36 m2 | 118 ft2 (106,20 m3 | 348,20 ft3)
  • 4,5 x 8 x 2,95 m | 14,7 x 26,24 x 9,67 ft (W x L x H)
  • Metal sheet thickness 1,2 mm (0,04 inches) | 16 gauge


  • 34000 mc/h – CFM 20.011 | 2 x 11.5 kW 15HP
  • Fans Ziehl Abegg blades


  • 5 lines of grids, including 2 comfort walking

PowerLED lights

  • Light 5550 Kelvin | 240,000 lumens | 2000 – 2400 lux on the vertical side of the car

User friendly touchscreen

  • 15.6” Ultra HD (19 inches (9:16)); PLC

Italian Design & Aesthetics

  • 9 colors for external cover customization| Doors in stainless steel
  • CoverTop in ABS plastic mold injection

Unlimited dyring formula included

  • Spraying
  • Drying wet on wet
  • Dyring waterborne
  • Drying many different clear and comfort climate to work inside the boot when no painting
  • Clear baking with 80% recirculation

Every single spraying and drying time operation is recorded. All Data stored in Cloud.

  • REMO, maintenance & training web platform, generates the Certification for every booth cycle painting and drying time temperatures and external humidity
  • Automatic notifications sent by email for maintenance management
    • For example, when a filter requires to be changed, emails are sent to relevant persons in charge

SprayTron recognizes the different operations performed in the booth and automatically changes the program using the maximum speed of ventilation for the spraying phases and the average speed for drying. Both use a conventional burner or robot and the minimum air speed for climatization during the masking and cleaning phases. Using this product, the painter never has to push any buttons.

The SprayTron can be configured with or without two pneumatic side doors. It is available in lengths of 8 meters (26.24 feet) or 9 meters (29.52 feet), and in heights of 2,7 meters (8.85 feet) or 3,2 meters (10.49 feet).

The SprayTron drying performance, without the robot, is of superior quality reaching 60°C or 140°F in five minutes measured on the vehicle. In special circumstances, SprayTron can also reach a temperature of 80°C or 176°F.
> For the drying performance of the SprayTron using the Robot, please refer to the robot catalogs.

The SprayTron computer automatically manages the four different programs without the operator selecting or pushing any buttons. It also automatically increases the speed of ventilation when the filters are dirty.

The programs: Spraying / This program uses 80% of the total ventilation and automatically starts when the painter uses the spray gun and automatically stops when the painter finishes spraying. Drying with FlyDry robot / This program uses 40% of the total ventilation to remove the gas and solvent produced during drying treatment. Climatization / This program is available only in the version with inlet warm air. It uses 30% of the ventilation and starts automatically when one of the phases mentioned earlier ends. This program offers clean and warm air to the painter during the operation of preparing the car to be painted.

The SprayTron is available in:
• two different lengths (8 m or 26.24 ft and 9 m or 29.52 ft);
• two different heights (2,7 m or 8,85 ft and 3,2 m or 20.49 ft);
• without side door;
• with one pneumatic side door;
• with two pneumatic side doors;
• with oven KombiTron aside;
• with a burner of 200 kW or 682,800 BTU/H;
• with a burner of 300 kW or 1,024,000 BTU/H.

The SprayTron side panel is a tubular-welded frame. Inside the booth on the side, there is a metal sheet powder coating painted, in the middle there is 5 cm or 2 ” of insulation and on the external side there is the CoverTop ABS plastic panel available in eight different colors.

The plenum is a tubular-welded frame to support the air ventilation channel and the filters, which are divided into six different boxes, are easy to open and change.

The basement is 50 cm or 20 ” deep and the standard grids support a weight of 850 kg or 1,870 lb per point of 10 ” x 10 ”.

Burner / The SprayTron can be set up with two different burners, both with direct flame of 210 kW and 350 kW.
Ventilation group / The ventilation inlet and outlet have two backward impeller fans of 34.000 m3 per hour or 20,000 CFM, each one with two electric engines or 11 kW. The group of ventilation has two sets of pre-filter: the first one is for inlet and the second one is for outlet air.

The SprayTron’s front door is divided into three parts with the total light in glass. The side door opens and closes pneumatically and vertically to help avoid dust moving.

The outer covering of the SprayTron consists of CoverTop panels, made in ABS injection plastic mold. It can be opened and closed, which allows the installation of the electric or air compressed plant inside the SprayTron wall.

The SprayTron uses the light PowerLux, an innovative lamp developed by Symach’s research department that offers superior lighting performance. PowerLux has a new and exclusive reflector that focuses the light beam with an angle that covers the car from the roof to the vertical bottom side without any dispersion. This new light reaches a quality and power superior to other lights on the market, both on the vertical side of the car, as well as the horizontal side. This is very useful to the painter.