Symach Equipment @ Collision Works of Oklahoma

(now Gerber Collision) Tulsa, OK, USA

122 W 71st St S Tulsa, OK 74132
Layout: Fixline KombiTron


  1. SprayTron paintbooth with EasyDry IR drying robot
  2. KombiTron drying cabin equipped with EasyDry IT drying robot
  3. BaseTron preparation bay with PaintWindowExtraction for crossdraft extraction
  4. PaintMixingRoom
  5. AluBay booth for aluminum processing
  6. FlyDry IR drying robots in preparation bays
  7. CarWash
  8. VacuumSandingSystem
  9. CarLift  with LiftPull
  10. MultiBox dispenser for compressed air and electricity with retractable tubes
  11. CarMover side-loading system
  12. PowerLUX lighting system

This is a new modern body shop process that represents Symach’s latest concept in terms of productivity, quality and service. Our new layout and repair process when combined with Drytronic technology creates a painting cycle that provides a 50 percent to 60 percent increase in productivity, as well as an increase of 1.5-2 repairs per week, per technician, this creates more jobs for the citizens of  Tulsa along with creating better working situations for body techs and painters.

Since utilizing Symach equipment, the facility has reduced key-to-key time by five days and the cycle time in the booth is 28 minutes per job. The shop expects to improve performance over the next few months by an additional 15%.”