The MultiBox is a dispenser for compressed air and electricity with plugs and automatic reels.

All of the fixtures are inside a unique box and the configuration can be changed depending on the needs of the repair process.

The MultiBox is customized with specific electric plugs for every country. It has automatic reels of 10 meters or 32.8 feet long for the electricity and the compressed air.

All fixtures in one panel of 1 x 0,5 meters, or 20 x 10 inches. When necessary, it also includes the control for the car lift.

Two versions available :

  • for one or two workstations
  • for one or two technicians where they have all of the fixtures needed to repair the vehicle available

The MultiBox is available in:
– box measures: 1 x 0.47 x H 0.5 m or 40 x 19 x H 20 “,
– one or two automatic reels with 10 m or 32.8 ft pipe for the compressed air,
– one or two automatic reels with 10 m or 32.8 ft cord for the electricity,
– one plug for the welding machine in the station where needed, and
– two or three plugs for the generic electric tools.