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Symach’s DryKing Spray Booth, Paint Mixing Room, and Basetron Prep Booth have transformed our shop’s efficiency and output. The customizable utilization programs tailored to our specific paint line ensure optimal performance, while the booth’s balanced design minimizes paint waste, saving us both time and money. The premium quality of Symach’s equipment is evident in its construction and performance, setting it apart from anything else in the US market.

With over 15 years of experience running luxury collision centers, I have a keen eye for excellence and a drive for continuous improvement. My vision extends beyond just one shop; I aim to expand and open 1-2 additional locations per year, catering to the luxury market along the West Coast of the USA. Symach’s products are not just tools for our trade; they’re integral to realizing this vision of growth and success in the industry.

As the first Collision Repair Centre in Australia to specialize in EV’s, I took into consideration my paint curing options for the process of repair very seriously.

Ultimately Symach was the best decision for us. We took into consideration the lower exposure time to heat with the extremely fast drying system, as well as the versatility that comes with the option of UV curing for the priming process.

An additional bonus of course is that the system allows for “Continuous Piece Flow.” Which allows the vehicle to move through the process quickly (without driving)

Additionally because of this system, the number of staff required to produce is significantly less, hopefully leading to better outcomes in the paint department.

Symach provides a comprehensive solution to collision repair. They understand the entire process, and do not just sell a common spray booth. We are looking forward to improvements in work flow, cycle time, and repair quality.

We have been selected as finalists in the  NBRA Greener Bodyshop Award and the Carbon Footprint Award. We have reduced our carbon footprint installing #symachfixline system! Symach curing systems reduces energy consumption up to 90%!! Discover more

It’s not through harder work or more labor-intensive ways of doing things, but through the smart use of their equipment. It’s incredible. It’s when they see the shop that they really get ‘wowed’ and they feel confident and excited about their car being there compared to what a shop would normally look like. It looks like a hospital operating room; it’s so clean, lighting is good, and everything is bright.

Cole Brunswig talks about the company’s use of Symach equipment and how it has helped with cycle tim. Watch the video.

Here’s a little taster of what is to come on next weeks episode of Crash Course: watch the video.
We are still training and learning this equipment but already cycling cars through the new Symach Booth. This is exciting stuff. Watch the video
Tune in next week to see this booth firing on all cylinders. Happy Friday everyone. Finish the week strong!

Fantastique! Toute notre équipe est vraiment heureuse et fière d’utiliser Fixline. Ils ont beaucoup de confort au travail et sont heureux d’utiliser des équipements de haute technologie: ils sont très motivés. Nous n’avions pas douté et c’est maintenant confirmé: après deux semaines d’entraînement, nous constatons déjà l’efficacité! Notre souhait: installer une deuxième Fixline en France dans une autre ville d’ici 2020! C’est un plaisir de travailler avec ce partenaire italien qui comprend nos problèmes de travail contrairement à nos partenaires français qui ne comprennent pas la différence entre efficacité et efficience. Merci à toute l’équipe de Symach pour son professionnalisme et sa confiance.

This is a new modern body shop process that represents Symach’s latest concept in terms of productivity, quality and service. Our new layout and repair process when combined with Drytronic technology creates a painting cycle that provides a 50 percent to 60 percent increase in productivity, as well as an increase of 1.5–2 repairs per week, per technician, this creates more jobs for the citizens of Tulsa along with creating better working situations for body techs and painters.

We still want to congratulate Symach and your people for great job performed for us. (Installers) From Patricio and his Team, they were very professional and new exactly what they had to do and were doing. Did their work very fast and neatly. He did explain true out the process how everything works and is assembled. I did enjoy getting to know them all. (Engineer commissioning) Paolo had the patience for us to get the last details done, and start up the system and finalize the settings. Again a very nice person and also explained us very well about the equipment. (Trainer) Andrea, he gave a very well presentation to the Management and Bodyshop team, he had to struggle with the heat of the Island. We are very pleased with the way he gave the training and explained the process very well, it was a pleasant experience with Andrea. He has a lot of knowledge of the system, and we adapted the process times and settings to work the best in our environment. We have had small very minor things but nothing that we can handle our selves. Again we are thank full to Osvaldo and Symach for a excellent service given, you have a great product and system. And we (I am) very proud to have the system in house and to work with. Hope all is well with Osvaldo and your team at Symach, and we definitely will keep in touch. Saludos

I couldn’t be happier teaming up with SYMACH to design and build my dream shop. Forward thinking minds of the Collison industry joining forces to prepare for the future of Collison repair Thank you for all your attention to detail.

Da undici mesi la mia carrozzeria utilizza il Processo FixLine: il costo totale del lavoro è diminuito del 9%, il tempo medio di consegna è di 2.4 giorni ed ho aumentato da 38 a 60 le riparazioni alla settimana, fantastica scelta.

From March my new shop uses the FixLine process, it took me 4 months to set up everything properly but from August my staff is producing 105% more compared my previous shop, definitely choice smart .