Symach Equipment @ Reneew Collision Centre

Bibra Lake, Perth, West Australia

Layout: Fixline DryKing-KombiKing


  1. DryKing automotive paintbooth
  2. DK-Kombiking drying cabin
  3. BaseTron preparation bay with FlyDry Hybrid drying robot
  4. Paint Mixing Room
  5.  MultiBox and Vacuum Sanding System for 2 operators
  6. ServiceColums with MultiBox
  7. PowerLED lighting system
  8. CarMover side-load system

“As the first Collision Repair Centre in Australia to specialize in EV’s, I took into consideration my paint curing options for the process of repair very seriously.

Ultimately Symach was the best decision for us. We took into consideration the lower exposure time to heat with the extremely fast drying system, as well as the versatility that comes with the option of UV curing for the priming process.

An additional bonus of course is that the system allows for “Continuous Piece Flow.” Which allows the vehicle to move through the process quickly (without driving)

Additionally because of this system, the number of staff required to produce is significantly less, hopefully leading to better outcomes in the paint department.”