Symach Equipment @ Biltrend Harstad

Harstad, Norway

Layout: Fixline DryKing-KombiKing


  1. DryKing paintbooth
  2. KombiKing drying cabin with infrared DryTronic technology
  3. BaseTron preparation bay with FlyDry UV-Hybrid drying robot
  4. Paint Window Extraction
  5. Fume and Dust Window Extraction
  6. AluBay
  7. PaintMixingRoom
  8. Carwash
  9. CarMover side-load system
  10. ShopLine
  11. CarLift
  12. PowerLED lighting system

“We choose Symach for several reasons.
One reason is because they are the most innovative company involved in bodywork and paint systems.
Environmentally, the system has a low impact thank to its little emissions and, not least, it is a very efficient system.”