KombiKing, the drying cabin that works in combination with Symach spray booths: SprayTron or DryKing.

KombiKing is the drying cabin that works in combination with Symach spray booths: SprayTron or DryKing. It uses the infrared Drytronic technology that dries paint in less than 50% time compared to a conventional spray booth.

The drying time is 12 minutes for drying the clear, which takes 30 minutes in a conventional booth.

Using the CarMover system, it’s possible to move the car through the booth in a lateral way. The car is moved from the spray booth into the KombiKing and from Kombiking to the outside bay for demasking and polishing.

KombiKing combined with SprayTron or DryKing allows to produce 1 car (booth cycle) in 30 minutes time for a production of 16 jobs per day.

• Long m. 8 (ft. 26)
• Wide m. 4.5 (ft. 14.7)
• High m. 2.9 (ft. 9.5)

• The side door for the passage of the vehicle is high m. 2.2 (ft. 7) and wide m. 7 (ft. 23)
• The side door is pneumatic, it takes less than 30 seconds time to open or close.
• The side door has inside an emergency door

• The floor of the booth is stainless steel and has the
CarMover rails for moving cars.
• The floor has not the pits because is not a spray booth.

• The ceiling of the KK is in a metal sheet withe,
• It has 2 LED light PowerLed to illuminate the cabin.

• The internal wall of the KK is in panels of m. 1 x 3 H (ft. 3.28 x 9.8H) in stainless steel, the external wall is in ABS plastic CoverTop and in the middle there is cm. 5 (2”) of thermic insulation.


• The whale cabin is stainless steel, to permit the IR Drytronic technology to be reflected from the wall and the floor on the car and car pieces positioned inside the cabin for drying.

• The walls, the side door, and the ceiling are thermally insulated with cm. 5 (2”) of high-density rock wool


• The ventilation group is composed of 2 independent fans for intake and exhaust air, the ventilation is used for removing the gas released from the paint during the drying phase.
• The ventilation group is positioned on the roof of the KK in order to reduce the space used for the installation.
• The 2 fans are Kw3 Hp 4 – 8500 mc/h (CFM 5000) and are under inverter controlled from the PLC shared with the SprayTron or DryKing.


• The KK has a thermostat to control and manage the temperature inside the cabin to dry properly the paint.


• The ducts dimension for intake and exhaust air are cm. 60×40 (23”x 16”)


All electric components including inverters are in a control box with dimension cm. 40×90 H220 (15”x35” H86”).

All electronic components are primary brand such as:
• Siemens
• B&R
• Meanwell
• Finder


The PLC and the 15.6” touch screen full HD to manage the KK are shared with the SprayTron or the DryKing depending on the product configuration.

• Kw 20 – 400 V 3ph 50/60 Hz


• The eight IR Drytronic technology panels are positioned in the corner between the ceiling and wall, in order to send the radiation to the car using the perfect angle, the radiation arriving also on the wall and the floor is reflected on the vehicle.

• The KK uses the IR-DT to dry the paint, the IR-DT dries paint in less than 50% of the time that takes the hot air of a conventional burner, this characteristic is because the wavelength produced from DT release more than 95% of the energy in the molecule of the paint activated a fast drying.

• The KK is equipped with 8 IR Drytronic panels, the radiation arrives everywhere so is possible drying the car and the car parts on the stands, at the same time without any problem, and independently form the position.


• 13 mc/h 40 millibar pressure


• The quality drying is 100% completed, differently than the hot air that reaches only 80-85% of the total dry of the paint, this characteristic has 2 main advantages:
◦ The GLOSS of paint is 3 to 4 points better than a car producer, this permit to reduce 70% of the polishing time.
◦ Because the drying is 100% completed, the polishing phase can take place immediately after the drying phase without waiting hours before doing it as it is with conventional hot air drying.

The KK has the approval for:
• Europe: CE – ATEXII 3 G X
• Australia: AS/NZS 4114.1.2003 -AS – 3814.1.2009
• North America: cETLus Listed – Intertek 5000803
• ISO 9001