Are you EV Ready?

Symach systems for the processing of Electric Vehicles are safer, more energy efficient and directly curing vehicle coatings without the excessive heat that conventional bake ovens generally produce.

There is no requirement to change applied products nor increase product curing times.

Drying with DryTronic technology is the gentle way to refinish cars that have sensitive electronics systems ideal for EVs and hybrids, minimizing the impact on the battery and EV components.

Symach is the leader in this category and has extensive global working knowledge in the repair, movement and effective processing of Electric Vehicles in a bodyshop.

  • KombiKing is EV Ready

  • Deck plate temperature after 7 minutes

  • FlyDry is EV Ready

  • Deck plate temperature after 4:30 minutes

  • EasyDry is EV Ready

  • Deck plate temperature after 5 minutes

Symach Technology is EV Ready

Symach Drytronic technology is particularly recommended for drying paint on Electric Vehicles (EV’s).

Symach’s Drytronic infrared drying technology focuses energy to the painted surface and will not raise interior or undercar/underhood temperatures; avoiding any excess heat to Electric batteries and vehicle’s electronics.

Drytronic curing technology is available in Symach’s KombiTron and KombiKing, in handheld lamp DryTron and drying robots EasyDry  and FlyDry.

UV curing is also reccommended, and is available on Symach UV-LEDTronic handheld lamp and the FlyDry Hybrid