FixLine Original Symach lean repair process

FixLine is the original Symach lean repair process to repair cars in line: increase productivity, quality and speed of repair.

FixLine includes the phases of primer application, sanding, masking, painting, drying, unmasking and polishing all in line, using the CarMover system to move the cars from one phase of the repair process to the next.

Reduce car’s actual time inside the bodyshop by up to 40% (up to 2 days) and also reduce an average of 3 to 4 hours in labor cost per repair. Symach curing systems also reduces energy consumption up to 90%, a good path for the environment and for the bodyshop’s carbon footprint.

Every FixLine layout is customized starting from the needs of the customer, based on the available warehouse space, the mix of light – medium or heavy damage that is typical of the shop, and the number of repairs per week that the customer is targeting.

Symach provides information and support for the customer at each step of the project and during the transition to the FixLine system: we prepare the business plan of the investment, along with the list and layout of the necessary equipment. This work is done with the customer and his/her architect and general contractor, during layout design/development to achieve a final project result that meets the objectives of the customer.

FixLine uses Drytronic technology and/or UV technology for the drying phases, and our unique SPAP lean paint process.

All the equipment, from the spray booths and the drying booths, to the paint mixing room, the lights and all accessories, are designed and produced at Symach factory in Bologna, Italy.

The FixLine modular system is so flexible it can suit all production needs, from the small repair shop, doing 5 jobs a day, to the largest car dealer company, that needs to recondition or do cosmetic repairs of a huge number of new and pre-owned cars per week, to quickly put them back on the market through their dealership chain.

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