• My name is Tiegan Graham, I have been an Auto Body Technician for 8 years, and have gained experience in the automotive industry in Australia, the UK and Canada.

  • I am a part of an all female restoration team, where my main role is the disassemble and reassemble of the vehicles but I do also have experience in prep work, dent removal and body filler repairs, and welding.

  • I do enjoy my job, as every car i come across that I haven’t worked on before is a new experience and a new challenge, especially with this older/classic cars. I just love that I get to work with my hands everyday!


  • I kind of fell into the influencer role as initially I was making just making a work based Instagram as I’d seen a couple others doing it and thought it would be a fun way to share my work and passion, then after realising the amount of people who it would reach and inspire, I took a little more serious approach and shared my thoughts and encouraged the important things like safety! Which was not as pushed for when I was an apprentice.

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