• I became a body tech due to my passion for cars, my natural practical skills and because I had to learn how to fix my car after I crashed it! From working with the company that fixed my car, I really developed my passion for the automotive industry and I haven’t looked back since!

  • I am a total lover of coffee both in and out of work! I really enjoy everything paint related, learning new things everyday in my job and bringing the new skills home to continue practising them in my spare time. I love how versatile paint is and how many different effects can be achieved on so many different applications.

  • I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and the tips and tricks that I’ve learnt with other people in the industry. I’ve learnt so much from various people that I’ve worked with and I always want to play my part in the industry and continue to learn knew things myself and share them with others. Specifically, my greatest passion is working with organisations to promote the automotive industry to the next generation and supporting and encouraging new apprentices.

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