A clever solution to organize and catalog all the pieces and parts removed from the cars.

For easy and quick accessibility during reassembly phase. The purpose of the InventoryTable is to create a clear path and an organized, complete, and mapped out set of steps for any hardware needed for the reassembly process of the vehicles.

It uses both a visual color system and a limited work space area within each section of the car to create an organization that makes sense to the next team member who will be working on the vehicle.

As the vehicle is being disassembled nuts, bolts, small parts and hardware are put into the colored spaces provided on the table.

Once the vehicle or an area of the vehicle is disassembled to a point where parts and hardware inventory is necessary, the hardware is put into bags marked with the specific color of the area of the car and the folder  number and a brief description written.

If hardware bags are incomplete and it’s not possible to replace the hardware from the in-house hardware program, then the bags are marked with a sticker that says “partial” and an example of the needed hardware is hung up on the card with an X indicating how many more are needed so that the repair plan writer can order the proper hardware from the OEM vendor.

Attached to each part is a visual key to help quickly identify the bags need for the part of the process you are working on.