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Symach Expands Its Production Capacity With the Acquisition of TRUMPF Equipment



Symach is designing a cutting-edge 3,000-square-meter technical department in the 16,000-square-meter facility at Calderara di Reno, Bologna, Italy. It will be equipped with a complete TRUMPF machining line including a TruPunch 3000 Sheetmaster machine for cutting sheet metal and loading, unloading and selecting parts, as well as a TruBend Series 5000 bending machine. “TRUMPF is the world leader in sheet metal processing automation,” said Osvaldo Bergaglio, owner and president of Symach.


“We are making a significant investment of approximately 1.5 million Euros in this equipment, which will provide Symach with the best tooling for optimizing production and having direct control over the quality of our products.” In addition, it will increase production capacity by almost five times. Bergaglio said this will allow Symach to reduce delivery times and costs, as well as the ever-increasing quality assurance of the company’s product. The machine installation is scheduled for January 2018 and the department is expected to be fully operational in March 2018.


Currently, the departmental staff is completing training at the TRUMPF headquarters in Milan, Italy, to learn how to best utilize the machines. Symach has specialized in body shop design, construction and installation of its state-of-the-art technology and equipment worldwide since 2010. “We take pride in supporting our customers in the customization of their bodywork and in staff training,” said Bergaglio. “We plan to continue investing in technology and product research and focus on continuous innovation as a key to success.”




There are now more than 70 customers around the world utilizing the Symach FixLine model. They work closely with Symach consultants to ensure their business goals are met. The new department marks a further evolution of Symach's history in the direction of customer satisfaction. “We support our customers in the achievement of increased production, efficiency, delivery of service and their profitability goals,” said Bergaglio.


“The attestations of gratitude and friendship that come from them continue to give us the motivation and dedication to continue doing our work well.” He said the spirit and mission that drive Symach demonstrate how the company will provide tangible innovation to the collision repair industry in the years to come.


Please find attached images of the TRUMPF equipment. For further information and pictures, please contact: raffaella.censi@symach.com


  • Symach expands production capacity with Trumpf Equipment

  • Symach expand production capacity with new technical facility

  • Symach expands your production capacity with Trumpf Equipment

  • Symach Expands Production Capacity with Acquisition of TRUMPF

  • Symach Invests $1.8M in TRUMPF Equipment in Italy

  • Symach Expands Production Capacity in Italy

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