Symach-equipped bodyshops share how they are dealing with COVID-19

When the coronavirus restrictions were first put into place, body shops across the globe were faced with new challenges. Symach proprietary equipment, layout, and processes, have been extremely beneficial for facilities while they are dealing with decreased work and implementing social distancing and contactless procedures. Since many shops are experiencing downtime right now, the company has reached out to many facilities with Symach equipment to ensure everything is being maintained properly. It is a great opportunity for body shops to inspect all their equipment, including compressors, lifts, filters and address any maintenance issues they might have, so it does not impact production when business starts to pick up again.

Having a clean working environment is especially important right now during COVID-19. Symach’s design layouts lend themselves especially well to this environment and minimizes concerns from employees and customers. When customers see their car in a clean shop that is using disinfectant, it gives them confidence that the facility is taking all the necessary precautions. Due to the defined workspace and specific positioning of the Symach layout, there is a natural distance between staff at each repair phase. As a result, technicians have space to do their job individually, which encourages social distancing on the shop floor.

Despite the current situation, shops are still able to achieve fast turnaround times and minimal key-to-key time while dealing with reduced staff and production levels. As businesses start to recover, we are confident that Symach shops will be ready to easily manage the increase in work and do so efficiently.

CSN 427 Auto collision

In Toronto, Ontario, CSN 427 Auto Collision has reduced its operating hours and staff and temporarily closed the waiting area. “The health and safety of employees and customers remain our first priority and we’re taking every possible precaution to limit the spread of COVID-19,” said Lorenzo D’Alessandro, president of CSN 427 Auto Collision.

As a result, they introduced additional health and safety measures and touch-less services so they can continue to serve the community while maintaining physical distancing.

This includes continuous cleaning of the shop, online and mobile estimating, off-site vehicle and rental car pickup/drop-off and vehicle and rental car cleaning with disinfectant. If a customer prefers to come in, all paperwork is delivered contact-free.

D’Alessandro said Symach equipment has helped promote shop cleanliness and ensure employee health and safety are at the forefront of their operation. The individual technician bays allow the team to work efficiently while maintaining distance and the innovative paneling helps them clean with sanitizing products.

We’re all in this together,” said D’Alessandro. “As an essential service, balancing shop needs with public responsibilities can be difficult. In times like these, we are lucky to have such a great, reliable network of shops through the CSN Network to fall back on for advice and upgraded services, as well as reliable equipment from Symach.

CARSTAR Fredericton

CARSTAR Fredericton’s two locations, in New Brunswick, Canada, have remained open during the coronavirus restrictions. General Manager Steve Knox said the business only reduced their operating hours by one hour per day to correspond to the car rental company’s hours.

The customer waiting areas at both locations were closed to maintain social distancing and management set up a process to accommodate customers during repairs.

They have found Symach equipment to be beneficial.The beauty of having a Symach shop is that we are able to keep physically distanced,” said Knox. “The stalls are far enough apart that it helps avoid the spread of bacteria.

Knox said their Symach shop has beautifully finished floors and clean smooth surfaces similar to a hospital operating room, which is ideal for cleanliness. “These things do not allow for the accumulation of dust and dirt particles,” said Knox. “When you are starting out with a clean environment, it’s much easier to maintain it as a safe place to keep bacteria and viruses out of.

For shops considering a Symach installation, Knox recommends visiting many Symach shops. “There are different styles, but one thing I’ve found they all have in common is cleanliness,” said Knox. “A customer, especially in these times of fear of bacteria really appreciates seeing a vehicle go into a well-lit, clean shop. That’s what Symach sells.


In mid-March, when the stay-at-home orders were going into effect in the U.S., DCR Systems closed its doors to the outside world. Since then, the Ohio-based company has put several processes in place to ensure employees and customers are safe. “We went ‘virtual’ on virtually everything and created cleaning standards for vehicles that needed to be repaired as well as continued to use steering wheel and seat coverings,” said co-owner Giarrizzo. The business has remained open but there is still limited access inside their seven collision centers, which are located in Ohio, Massachusetts, North Carolina and New York. There were a few voluntary layoffs at the facilities, mostly from employees who either had health concerns themselves or have spouses with concerns.

Giarrizzo said the use of Symach equipment has been very beneficial during this time.The equipment has really helped us sell work by promising and delivering incredible turnaround time for customers and our dealer partners,” he said. During the pandemic, Giarrizzo stressed the importance of trying to still find blessings. “They are out there!” he said. “It’s a great time for business improvement in so many ways. Think virtual world, contactless experiences, streamlined processing, and business enhancements that are sustainable beyond these crazy times.


Axiom UK, a TDN Group Company, is on the road to recovery. Managing Director Jordan Fisher said the operation came to a swift standstill when the COVID-19 outbreak first occurred because an employee or one of their family members showed symptoms of the virus. “We were missing key players at an early stage; then, the stricter general lockdown came into play,” he said. “The government introduced a furlough program that was helpful, but it didn’t cover four employees who had joined the business that month.” After cleaning the shop, they began rotating shifts to complete their work in progress (WIP). They also showed new employees how to best utilize Symach equipment. In addition, they created COVID-related policies such as distancing, staged breaks and use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The situation has given them an opportunity to create a more efficient workforce. “We thought we were efficient, but we learned how to increase it further,” he said. Recently, they began bringing back employees from furlough as claims volumes have gradually increased. They anticipate Symach equipment will be very beneficial coming out of the lockdown. “The sheer speed of booth cycles will allow us to have painters work minimum hours, thus reducing contact with other staff,” he said. Fisher advises shops to take care of staff and be flexible. He also recommends using government support wisely and staging a facility’s recovery to get the best outcome financially as well as for the team’s welfare