Symach Equipment @ Yrausquin

Aruba, Caribbean

Layout: Fixline SprayTron


  1. SprayTron spray booth with EasyDry IR drying robot
  2. BaseTron preparation bay with FlyDry IR drying robot
  3. PaintMixingRoom
  4. WindowExtraction preparation bay with vertical extraction
  5. VacuumSandingSystem
  6. MultiBox dispenser for compressed air and electricity with retractable tubes
  7. CarMover side-loading system
  8. PowerLUX lighting system

We still want to congratulate Symach and your people for great job performed for us.

(Installers) From Patricio and his Team, they were very professional and new exactly what they had to do and were doing. Did their work very fast and neatly. He did explain true out the process how everything works and is assembled. I did enjoy getting to know them all.

(Engineer commissioning) Paolo had the patience for us to get the last details done, and start up the system and finalize the settings. Again a very nice person and also explained us very well about the equipment.

(Trainer) Andrea, he gave a very well presentation to the Management and Bodyshop team, he had to struggle with the heat of the Island. We are very pleased with the way he gave the training and explained the process very well, it was a pleasant experience with Andrea. He has a lot of knowledge of the system, and we adapted the process times and settings to work the best in our environment. We have had small very minor things but nothing that we can handle our selves. Again we are thank full to Osvaldo and Symach for a excellent service given, you have a great product and system. And we (I am) very proud to have the system in house and to work with. Hope all is well with Osvaldo and your team at Symach, and we definitely will keep in touch. Saludos.