The WindowExtraction  is a vertical extraction unit

It is used when sanding body filler, spraying primer and preparation. Additionally, it is used in aluminum work bays and for air cleaning in the shop.

The WinEx is available in two configurations: 2 meter or 6.56 feet and 4 meters or 13.12 feet.

WinEx is composed of a front grid with a filter close to the floor and an upper wall covered in CoverTop. The air extraction fan is located in the back of the wall.

The ventilation is configured from 3.000 to 10.000 cubic meters per hour or 1,765 to 5,885 CFM, depending on the use: preparation, aluminum or recirculation.

The WinEx is available in:
– two different widths: 2 m or 6.56 ft, 4 m or 13.12 ft
– With three different models of fans based on the volume of air required.

The WinEx has a tubular-welded back wall frame and on the opposite side of the workstation there is the CoverTop, an ABS plastic panel, available in eight different colors.

The WinEx can be configured with air extraction fans of 3.000, 6.000 and 10.000 m3/h of air per hour or 1,765, 3,531 and 5,885 CFM, depending on the use: paint preparation, aluminum bay or air recirculation.

The back wall covering of the WinEx consists of CoverTop panels, made in ABS injection plastic mold.