ModulWall. Symach special partition wall.

The ModulWall (MW) is a partition wall used to divide different working departments or for covering existing walls for esthetic reasons. It is a modular system with free modularity in length and height and it can be single or double face.

The MW has a metal frame internally and externally is covered with the CoverTop panels, avail- able in eight different colors. This allows the electrical plant and compressed air plant to be run inside the MV system.
The MW has different optional accessories: the column frame connects the suspended ModulLight to the floor and attaches the MultiBox and the Dust Vacuum Sanding machine.

For completing the work bay there is: the shelf panel, the tool holder panel and the plastic box panel.

The MW is a modular system that can be customized to any wall. The standard module length is 100 cm or 4 ’’ and the module height is 50 cm or 20 ’‘.
The standard modular size is:
– 1 x H 1,7 m or 3.3 x H 5.6 ft,
– 1 x H 2,2 m or 3.3 x H 7.2 ft, and
– 1 x H 2,7 m or 3.3 x H 8.9 ft

The MW internal frame is made of zinced metal and the external piece is powder-coated metal, white in color.

The external cover of the MW can be one face or double-faced depending on the position of the installation. It consists of CoverTop panels made in ABS injected plastic mold and can be opened and closed, allowing the installation of the electric plant or air compressed plant.