FlyDry Hybrid is a drying robot for coatings with IR-Drytronic and UVA-LEDtronic technologies to dry any part of the vehicle.

Can be installed in several preparation bays or in a spraybooth. The FlyDry Hybrid can dry bodyfiller, primer, waterborne basecoat and clearcoat.

Composed of

  • overhead crane
  • automatic column that can rotate 360°, moving automatically on all sides and horizontal sections of the vehicle
  • arm with 2 IR-Drytronic lamps and 2 UVA-LEDtronic M2 lamps that cover an area of about 2 m. (6 ’6 ¾”) in height

This automatic movement allows the entire side of the car to be dried in a single pass.

The FDH has 2 technologies for drying:

IR-Drytronic technology: is gas catalytic infrared that dries with heat, any conventional paint with an exposure of the painted surface between 30 and 50 seconds of time.

  • For IR drying, the FDH has a database of formulas for drying any type and brand of paint and also allows you to create new customized ones.
  • The robot automatically manages the drying treatment managing and variables of; distance, color, paint thickness and room temperature.
  • The control and regulation of the drying treatment parameters are constantly controlled by a temperature laser.

UV-LEDtronic: is a UVA light which dries cold, any UV coating with an exposure of 15-30 seconds of time.

  • The FDH UVA-LEDtronic dries the UV compatible coated surface, exposing it to UV light with an automatic passage lasting a few seconds.
  • The FDH has a database of recipes for drying UVA products but it is also possible to create new personalized formulas.
  • UVA-LEDtronic technology dries UV compatible coatings; putty, primer and UV clearcoat.

The FDH is available in 2 different models:
• Model 3000 for cars, which covers the height of the work bay from 2.7m (8 ’10 5/16”) to 3.1m (10 ’21 16”).
• Model 3500 for commercial vehicles, which covers the height of the work bay from m 3,2m (10’ 5 31/32”) to 3,5m (11’ 5 25/32”).

The FDH can be used in several preparation bays, from one to four as a maximum, or it can be installed in a spraybooth.

The FDH has a keyboard and a multilingual display on the robotic column. The technician selects the drying formula for; filler, primer, waterborne or clearcoat with conventional paint, or UVA paint.

The robotic column has the ability to raise and lower the pneumatic arm that carries the lamps, IR and UVA, it can run automatically in every direction in the work area, width and length of the vehicle, drying the vertical and horizontal surfaces.

The FDH is made up of:

  • Aluminum guides (rails), for sliding of the FDH in the working bay, the guide module covers an entire working bay of 4m width (13.12 “). The FDH can operate in a maximum of 4 work bays and the guides allow the FDH to flow at any point of the width of the working bays.
  • The bridge crane runs the robotic column with the group of drying lamps. The bridge crane allows the sliding of the FDH at any position of the length of the working bay.
  • The robotic column has two motors to move the FDH at every part of the length and width of the work area. It can rotate 360 ° allowing orientation, with the face of the drying lamps, towards each side, vertical and horizontal, of the car.
  • It has a pneumatic arm, on which the drying lamps are fixed, controlled by two pistons to adjust the orientation of the lamps, based on the profile of the car.
  • Four lamps in total 2 IR Drytronic lamps and 2 UVA-LEDtronic M2 lamps. The lamps are installed on a support that rotates the lamps to adapt to the profile of the car.
  • A laser sensor monitors the temperature of the conventional paint drying treatment with IR-Drytronic lamps.
  • A keyboard and display is installed on the FDH column for programming and to control the movements of the FDH.
  • IR-Drytronic are 2 catalytic gas lamps; LPG or CNG; which generate a special wavelength patented by Symach that dries the conventional paint in a few seconds of exposure.
    The lamps are 40cm (1 ’3 ¾”) x 80cm (2 ’7 ½”).
  • UVA-LEDtronic M2 are 2 lamps with two parallel rows of LEDs, which generate UVA ultraviolet light, developed entirely by Symach, which dry the UV coating in a few seconds of exposure.
    The lamps are 20cm (7.87 “) x 100cm (3” 3 3/8 “).
  • IR and UVA lamps are both located on a single frame
    articulated in two parts, to adapt to the profile of the vehicle.

Conventional Paint Products
The FDH with IR-Drytronic lamps automatically dries with heat the conventional paint of all brands, using the selected drying recipe.
The IR FDH manages the drying parameters; dynamically, constantly and automatically, monitoring the temperature of the dried surface with a laser.
For example; the clearcoat is dried at a speed of about 80cm.(2 ’7 ½”) linear per minute, to dry the door of a car the time required is less than 2 minutes.

UV Paint Products
The FDH with UVA-LEDtronic lamps automatically dry cold, the UV coatings of all brands, using the specific drying recipe.
The FDH UVA dries the painted surface with a single pass at a speed of about 100cm (3 ’3 3/8”) linear per minute. For example; to dry a car door is less than a minute and a half.

The 2 UVA-LEDtronic M2 lamps can be installed on any existing Flydry, purchased after 2005. An installation kit is available that includes the 2 UVA-LEDtronic M2 lamps, a new more powerful pneumatic piston to raise the robotized column arm and the relative electrical system.