The Electric Curtain (EC) is made of a PVC material in white and transparent colors, which is available in several lengths and works with a remote control.

The EC is used to close the preparation bay, during the spraying phase, or for the aluminum bay during the aluminum reparation phase to avoid contamination. It is also used in the CarWash as the front and side doors.

The EC is available in several lengths:
– 3 m or 9.8 ft,
– 4 m or 13.1 ft,
– 6 m or 19.7 ft,
– 7 m or 23 ft,
– 8 m or 26.3 ft,
– 9 m or 29.6 ft.
The height is 2,9 m or 9.5 ft.

The EC has an internal axis made of metal and an electric engine that rolls up and down the curtain.

The EC is made of a PVC material colored white on the top and bottom and transparent in the central part.