Symach Equipment @ Crown Autobody & Glass

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Weaverly Street
Layout: Fixline SprayTron-KombiTron


  1. SprayTron spray booth with EasyDry , IR drying robot
  2. KombiTron oven with EasyDry IR drying robot
  3. BaseTron preparation bay with FlyDry Hybrid IR and UV robot, to dry conventional and UV paints
  4. PaintMixingRoom
  5. CarWash
  6. CarMover side-load system
  7. VacuumSandingSystem
  8. Multibox
  9. PowerLED lighting system

“We found that the FixLine is the most lean and efficient paint system. Our anticipation is repairing 50 cars a week from our new location opening soon”