New installation Garage Steveny – Ford dealership, Belgium

In less than 2 weeks of installation, the completely new bodyshop of 3’000 m2, for Garage Steveny – Ford dealership in Namur, BE, is finalized.

When technology meets aesthetic to produce 80 job repairs per week.

It is equipped by Symach Fixline, which includes :

  1. FixStation including MultiBox + Vacuum + AirBox + CarLift with FlyDry UV-Hybrid robot
  2. SprayTron spray booth with EasyDry robot
  3. KombiTron oven with EasyDry robot
  4. BaseTron preparation bay with FlyDry UV-Hybrid robot and curtains
  5. 1x PaintMixingRoom
  6. The FixLine is accessorized with 6 Vacuum, CarMoversystem, 6 CarLift, 27 MultiBox, PowerLUX ligthing system

Technicians will be endowed of DryTron and  UV-LEDTronic M1 handheld lamps to speed up drying procedures of small refinishes.